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Armadillo Pest Control

So, you want pest control for armadillos. I provide this service, in the Orlando Florida region. It's important to realize that armadillo trapping and removal is not really classified as a pest control service. Pest control usually refers to extermination of unwanted vermin, such as insects, via poison control and spraying techniques, performed on a scheduled basis. Armadillos are controlled via nuisance wildlife trapping and animal damage control, by specially licensed wildlife trappers such as myself. We specialize only in wildlife removal, not general pest control. Armadillos are one of the animals that I commonly deal with. They are trapped in large steel cages, and removed from the property. There's no monthly spraying contract that will keep armadillos away.

How To Catch An Armadillo
There are a number of different methods that people can use when they are trying to catch an armadillo, but one of the most common is to use a trap to try and catch the animal. The benefit of using a trap is that you can simply leave it in place and check it and then deal with the armadillo once it has been caught, and doesnít require constant monitoring. Many people will see that it is possible to catch an armadillo by hand, because one of their natural responses to a threat is to crouch down beneath their armored hide, meaning that some people can catch them under a bucket.

The majority of the people who successfully catch an armadillo will do so using a well placed cage trap, and one that is large enough for a domestic cat will usually be large enough for an armadillo. Location is vital when you are trying to trap an armadillo, and most people will look for the entry point that the animal is using to get into the yard or garden. Bait isnít always necessary in a well placed trap, but some people have had success by placing a few earthworms in a stocking which is placed inside the trap.

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