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Armadillo Repellent Repellant Deterrent

Our specially formulated blend of 11 herbs and spices will keep armadillos at bay - guaranteed, or your money back! Our lab of technicians and PhD zoologists and molecular biologists, in combination with a grant from the US Department of Agriculture, have spent fourteen years of exhaustive research to come up with the world's most effective armadillo repellent. Just spray a little of our proprietary formula on your lawn and bushes, and watch the armadillos go running for cover! No armadillo can stand the scent of our secret repellant. You see, when an armadillo enters the "protection zone" that our spray creates, a biological response is triggered within the animal's olefactory processing centers. It knows better than to try to invade a territory that has been guarded with the awesome power of our secret armadillo detterrent shake-um powder extraordinaire. Just one whiff, and armadillos turn tail and walk off, never to return again. Safe for use in and around the home, non-toxic to pets and healthy adults. Do not use around children and the elderly, or in the state of California, Vermont, or the District of Columbia. Armadillo-Away saves the day. Hooray!

Mothballs In Armadillo Hole - There are many different myths and rumors that people tell about how to get rid of armadillos, and one such myth is that the armadillos will leave if you put mothballs in their hole. The reality is that mothballs have often been touted as a substance that will get rid of many pest animals, but when it comes to armadillos they have little to no effect on these animals. Some people who have tried to use mothballs as a repellent have actually reported that by the following morning the majority of the mothballs were deposited in a pile outside the armadillo burrow. This is quite typical from many other armadillo repellent products which claim to be able to get rid of the animals, but are generally unsuccessful, or are unreliable at best. Having an armadillo in the yard or garden isnít necessarily a big issue for those who arenít too concerned about the signs of occasional digging, as they are quite timid animals and donít carry a high disease risk. For people who donít want to deal with the armadillo problem themselves, there are many professional animal removal experts who will be able to trap and remove the animal for you.

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