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This is a photo that I took of an armadillo doing what it does best - dig for earthworms or grubs. Armadillos aren't as aware as other animals. Whereas a fox will see and smell you from 200 yards away and silently slink off into the night, I can often sneak right up an an armadillo busying itself digging for food. I guess that's the luxury that having a thick shell for a skin provides. Armadillos have crappy eyesight, and that doesn't help matters any. However, they do have a great sense of smell, and often as I approach them, they'll kind of sit/stand upright and sniff the air. If I'm not wearing just the right kind of deodorant (Grub Guard Antiperspirant) they head for the hills. I mean tunnels.

I titled this page Armadillo Extermination, but that's not what I do. I don't exterminate them, and I don't run a pest control or extermination company. I specialize in urban wildlife management. This means that I never use poisons - and there's definitely no poison registered for use on, or that could possibly work on armadillos. I don't shoot them or use lethal traps. I trap and remove them in humane cage traps. The animals enter the traps, because I use my years of experience to set them just so - and then I come and safely remove them from the premises. If you need my services, give me a call at 407-278-2705

How To Kill Armadillos - There are many different people who will have their own solutions to dealing with an armadillo problem, but some people will look for the permanent solution of killing the animals, although this is often quite difficult. One solution that is often mentioned is the use of poison to kill armadillos, but this can often prove to be more of a problem than a solution, as it is quite difficult to get the armadillos to consume the poison. The normal diet of the armadillo includes earthworms and other underground insects, meaning that it is quite difficult to place armadillo bait that will include the poison.

Another solution that some experienced trappers will use to try and kill armadillos is to use lethal snares or body grip traps, but these can often be quite difficult to place, and won't be guaranteed to kill armadillos. Similarly to the problem of using poison, it is difficult to target just the armadillo, meaning that many people trying to kill armadillos have often killed domestic pets or other animals by mistake. Those who are trying to deal with an armadillo problem will often be advised to use non lethal traps to catch and remove the armadillos, which are less likely to kill a non target animal by mistake.

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