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This is a photo that I took of an armadillo running along at night time. They can actually move at a fairly decent clip. This one was trotting along, but when they really want to move quickly, they burst away in a series of quick and powerful hops. They can really jump! In fact, when armadillos are startled, they'll often jump straight up into the air. Not a good defense mechanism if they're startled by an automobile passing overhead. Still, they can run when they have to. However, this isn't often necessary, because they have few real predators aside from Chevrolets and Hondas. This is one of my better "armadillo in nature" photos, because it's hard to get a shot of them in profile - they're almost always moving away from me, meaning that I've got a lot more shots of armadillo rear-ends than of armadillo faces.

I titled this page armadillo prevention, but there aren't really a whole lot of good prevention techniques. No effective repellent or deterrent for armadillos exists. The only way to prevent them from using your lawn is to construct physical barriers to keep them out. Even a regular fence won't do the trick, because they just dig right under it. If you want to keep armadillos out of your fenced-in yard, you'll have to install a heavy-duty steel screen down into the earth, at least 18 inches down, with the bottom curved outward. That's too much work. Or you could pave your entire yard, but some consider this armadillo prevention technique an impediment to the growth of lovely grass and flowers. Thus, the only real way to handle an armadillo problem is to trap and remove the animal should it cause a persistent problem for you. If you need my services, give me a call at 407-278-2705

Armadillo In The Yard Damage - There is nothing more frustrating for an avid gardener than to wake up one morning to find that their perfectly manicured lawn has a number of pockmarks where an armadillo has been digging. They will often dig around in vegetable beds too, but it is on the lawn where the majority of the damage that an armadillo can cause will be most obvious. The reason that there will be a number of small holes where the armadillo has been digging is because it can smell insects under the surface, and only digs a few inches to catch its prey.

Another problem that can be caused by armadillos in the yard is when it is able to access garbage bags, as the smell of the food waste in these garbage bags will often attract the armadillo. This is why they will often cut through the plastic bag and root through the garbage in an attempt to find food, and the result of this for the residents is that they will find garbage spread across the yard. There are many different pest animals that can cause more damage and be more frustrating than an armadillo, but the priority for those with armadillos in the yard will be to get rid of them.

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