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This is a photo of me, David, holding a juvenile armadillo that I caught. I usually catch adults, but every now and then I get the younger ones. I could never hold an adult armadillo like this. First of all, it would be too large and powerful. An adult is very hard to handle even with two hands and thick gloves. The shell of the adult is much firmer, meaning that I could not grasp it like this. A juvenile has a softer shell. Also, several people have written to me, concerned that I'll contract leprosy from handling an armadillo in this fashion. However, it turns out that most of the armadillos that carry the disease are the older ones - and armadillos have a long life span. That, coupled with their cooler than average body temperature means that they are vulnerable to the disease. Still, it's rare. I caught this armadillo in the usual fashion: I set a large cage trap in the proper manner, in the area I knew the little fellow would amble in.

Armadillo removal is an art. Well, not really, it's just wildlife trapping. But I mean to say that it definitely takes experience in order to perform correctly. Not only that, but the laws in this state and most others probably prohibit you from attempting to do it yourself. I often go to homes in which people have attempted do-it-yourself armadillo removal, but I am hired after weeks of frustration. Armadillos are tough little buggers - not smart, but their behavior makes catching them tricky for novices. If you need armadillo removal in central Florida, please give me a call at 407-278-2705.

How To Catch Armadillos In The Yard - There is a lot of damage that can be caused by armadillos that are able to find their way into a domestic yard, and those who are particularly proud of their lawns will find armadillos to be a particularly unpleasant neighbor. The majority of people who are looking to catch an armadillo in their yard will usually opt to use a cage trap, as this will help to catch the animal and also means that they don't have to be moved into a carrier to be moved. It is worth noting that if you are carrying an armadillo in your car, they can release a musky smell which is quite pungent.

One important thing to do when you are trying to catch an armadillo in the yard is to check on your local laws and regulations so that you can be sure that you aren't breaking any laws. Many states will have limitations on the types of traps that can be used and whether or not the animal can be released into the wild. If you aren't particularly confident in trying to trap an armadillo yourself, there are plenty of professional animal removal experts that can help you with getting rid of the armadillos.

Here is an email that I received for a job at which I removed two armadillos:

Hi David, I typed into google a search for "how do I get rid of armadillos" and your link came up. I was pleasantly surprised to see that you are located in Orlando. Here is the situation. My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a home in the town of Windermere. Obviously you know where this area is. When the inspection was done a couple of weeks ago, I was taking pictures of the house, inside and out, from every angle. While doing this we noticed that there was a hole under the front concrete porch. We had been to the house a number of times before and had never seen this hole. We first thought that it might have been a broken sprinkler, pipe but then decided against it. It did look like a fresh dig though because of the sand that was piled up on both sides. I used a flashlight to look into it and all I could see were leaves. We figured it was some kind of animal and upon looking online, the concensus was that it's an armadillo. We are not due to close on the home until Feb 13, but once we do (hopefully), is there something I should do or could do, or would it be best to have you come out to assess the situation? Also, what do you charge? If you can get back to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again. Joe

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