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This is a photo that I took of armadillos in traps. I am in the left, and my friend Tim is on the right. We caught both of these armadillos at the same site - at the same burrow. This is very rare, and in fact this was a breeding pair. Usually it's only one armadillo per burrow, except in a case like this, or in a case of a mother and her four (and she always has exactly four twins) young. Usually, trapping just one armadillo takes care of the problem. The animals are typically solitary.

How do you trap armadillos? It's a subtle thing, and it's taken me a lot of practice and failures. I've gone to many homes in which the homeowner has purchased their own trap (in my state they can't legally trap and relocate armadillos as they intend to do) but they do a lousy job of setting the traps. Oh sure, it may be in the general vicinity of the correct area, and set as instructed, but there's a whole lot of subtle things that are very important. It takes an experienced trapper to know exactly how the armadillo moves, how it will relate to the cage, and why it will go in. I know exactly which paths the animal will use to travel, and I set several traps, perfectly, flush with soft dirt bottom, in just the right areas, in order to ensure success. It's important to do it right, because there's no effective bait to use to catch armadillos. Because armadillos dig up all of their food, they won't eat any old crap on the surface. If you use bait, you'll probably catch a non-target animal, such as an opossum or raccoon.

Is It Legal To Trap Armadillos - There are many different areas of the United States that can suffer with armadillo problems, but residents in the south eastern states can often be plagued by these small creatures that can cause a lot of damage. One of the best solutions that is available to deal with such an issue is to catch and remove the armadillo, but the laws for this will vary from state to state. It is always worth checking with your local government department to see what the situation is in your state.

Even if it is legal to trap armadillos in your state, you will also need to check what the laws are regarding the release or killing of these animals, as many people will accidentally break the law by dealing with the animal incorrectly. Many states have laws that prevent the release of armadillos that have been trapped because they arenít a native species to North America, which can make trapping an armadillo a massive headache when you canít deal with the animal afterwards. These situations will often prove to be a motivation to encourage many people to hire a professional to deal with their armadillo problem in a legal and responsible manner.

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