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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

About Us - The Owners/Operators of OrlandoRats

Orlando Rats is operated by two experts at complete rat removal. I trained them, and they are far better at rat control than any pest control company you will find in the greater Orlando area.

Evan is the consummate professional. He has seven years working in the field of wildlife removal and complete rat control. He is the most polite, on time, clean, and careful worker you will find. Evan is honest and fair, and he gets the job done on time, and correctly, every time. He's capable of climbing any building, and through any attic, and his building repairs are of expert contractor quality. He has a great eye for detail, and that's very important when it comes to solving complex rat problems. Evan's cell phone is 407-233-3838. If he's on another job and can't answer the phone, leave him a message, and he will absolutely get back to you.
If you can't get ahold of the others, give Ben a call any time, evenings, weekends, middle of the night, and he will answer and be able to address your rat problem. Ben's work is outstanding. He has five years of rat control experience and I trained him personally, and he's every bit as good as I am, if not better. He always solves the rat problem 100%, and never has a callback from returning rats. And he gets far more word-of-mouth customer referrals than any other wildlife removal expert I know of. Customers really like him! Ben has no problems on the toughest roof or the tightest attic, and he loves to do rat control work more than any other wild animal. His cell phone is 407-956-1268.
The name of this website is OrlandoRats because we research and provide solutions for the rat problem in Orlando. Although we are experts at solving problems involving raccoons, opossums, squirrels, etc, our absolute best specialty is rat control. We have learned a great deal from all of the animals that we deal with: how they enter homes, and how to best solve the problems they cause. Rats present a unique challenge because they are able to squeeze through such small areas, and because they are expert climbers. They are also very common in the state of Florida. In our years of working with rats, we have learned everything about their behavior, and now solving rat problems is second nature to us.

My name is David, pictured below on the right, and I'm a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. All of my assistants are college graduates with a background in biology. We are young and energetic, and we highly doubt that any other rat exterminating companies' employees are motivated to work as hard as we do. We crawl through the toughest areas of the attic, and will not overlook one square inch of your house. No old-timer will crawl all over a roof to the tough and dangerous spots like we do. We pride ourselves on our great work, and back it up with a guarantee. We offer a full line of rodent solutions, and always take the absolute best, most complete approach to solving your rat problem. We believe in treating customers with the utmost respect and courtesy. Give us a call. We look forward to meeting you and solving your rat problem.

Rat extermination is as much a science as any highly technical fields. From a full examination of the home or building to determine the entry points, to a full understanding of rat behavior and how the animals relate to the architecture, how they move, how they respond to threats, and more, complete rodent extermination is a science that we have studied for 7 years now. For more information, see Orlando Wildlife Trapper and read about my friend Ben. If you need rat or wildlife control services in your hometown, try these service areas: Orlando | Houston Pest Control | Oakland Pest Control | LA Animal Control | Denver Pest Control | Phoenix Pest Control | Portland Pest Control | Tampa Rat Control | Seattle Pest Control | or visit my other friend's Tampa Rat Exterminator website for rat removal in the Tampa Bay area.

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