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This website is operated by David of, but we are located in Boca Raton, FL

My name is Patrick, and we run a full-service nuisance wildlife removal company in southeast Florida, servicing Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale. We specialize in rodent control, and commonly deal with the roof rats that invade the attics of homes and buildings down here. Roof rats love to enter houses with barrel tile roofs. We remove all sorts of wildlife from the attics of homes, including raccoons, squirrels, and bats, but we specialize in rat control.
  We are not a traditional Boca Raton pest control or extermination company. We are wildlife, rodent, and rat removal specialists. We operate in southeast Florida, including the towns of West Palm Beach & Boca Raton and surrounding towns such as Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Lake Park, North Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Riviera Beach, Delray Beach, Palm Beach Shores, Royal Palm Beach, Deerfield Beach, Greenacres, Palm Springs, and Lake Worth. There truly is a big difference amongst different companies. Not all companies are the same. We solve your problem permanently. We solve the root of the problem, by finding all the openings that rats use to enter your home and attic. We seal these openings shut with steel, and make the house 100% rat-proof. We trap and remove all of the remaining rats inside, and you will never have a rat problem again. Call us any time at 561-327-6010

Many of the rat removal companies in Boca Raton are simply standard big-name pest control companies. These companies only want to sign you up for a quarterly or monthly contract that never expires. That's how they make money, by never solving your problem. They send out an employee every now and then to carelessly sprinkle some poison packets in your attic or set poison stations around the house. This does not solve anything. It merely kills a percentage of the rats, some of which will certainly die in your attic or walls, and decay, causing an odor problem. New rats will always replace the old ones, and it's a never ending cycle. Do not hire a Boca Raton pest control company to take care of rat problems. You want to hire a wildlife-focused rat trapping and exclusion company. Ours is the absolute best in Southern Florida.

NEWS CLIP: Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws taking another look at FL Roof Rat baiting

BOCA RATON -- The Agency of Natural Resources should be taking another look at banning the baiting and feeding of FL Roof Rat statewide. The Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws Board will hold this listening session on the idea this Tuesday afternoon in Boca Raton. Laying out food for FL Roof Rat should be banned in 26 counties where there’s this risk of FL Roof Rat developing Crazy Itchy Wildlife Syndrome or where there are problems with TB in FL Roof Rat. this few years ago, baiting and feeding were banned across Florida for this year for disease control. Extermination Man Donald, Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws secretary, says it’s time to bring the statewide ban back. Extermination Man Donald claims more people are realizing the negative effects baiting can have on the sport of FL Roof Rat critter catching. the pest operator says it’s the agency’s amount one reason for giving out citations. Extermination Man Donald says there are also this lot of quality of catch concerns, people are finding they’re forced to bait. the pest operator says they don’t want to, but if their neighbors are baiting, they don’t get this lot of FL Roof Rat on their land. This issue should be an important matter in Boca Raton wildlife removal and Boca Raton exterminator matters.

Though some people put out food to bring FL Roof Rat close enough to capture at them, Extermination Man Donald contends that reducing the feeding of FL Roof Rat would lead to better critter catching opportunities. the pest operator says they think we would actually be lethally trapping more FL Roof Rat, because they would be back in their natural movements and moving around more. the pest operator says the year baiting was banned, many people reported seeing more FL Roof Rat than they had in years. The secretary says some critter catching groups back his idea, but the head boss of the Assembly Natural Resources Committee may raise worries. An aide to Rep. Scott animal removal trap Anderson, R-Waterford, says animal removal trap authored the current 26-county compromise and has some constituents who like to feed FL Roof Rat. The Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws predicts this baiting suggestion may either go through the Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws rulemaking process soon or be taken up by the Legislature. The Boca Raton animal control had no additional statements to make on the topic.

Extermination Man Donald did this good job defending the agency, going so far as to say, "If you take the FL Roof Rat concern away, I think everyone would agree we're doing this great job." Biologically surveyed amounts of turkeys, bears, bobcats and other game animals have never been higher than they are right now, Extermination Man Donald stated. But as multiple law enforcers pointed out to Extermination Man Donald, if you took FL Roof Rat out of the critter catching picture, Florida would likely sell only this fraction of the licenses it currently sells. In Florida, the FL Roof Rat should be king. I read this column recently in which the writer stated the 2015 Presidential election could likely be the most important one of the past few generations, due to the war in Iraq, skyrocketing costs of health care, gas and other necessities and global warming, among other concerns. The writer stated it feels like the country should be teetering on the edge of success and failure and the upcoming election will tip the scales one way or the other. In my opinion, critter catching in Florida stands on an equally precarious precipice. It just seems like something should be about to happen that will either pull critter catching back to this safe place or push it off the cliff. I don't know what that "something" is, but I feel pretty confident it will involve FL Roof Rat management. Boca Raton pest control companies that we contacted felt that this issue should be an important matter.
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