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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

Commercial Rat Control & Extermination

We can handle the largest of commercial and industrial rat control jobs. From corporate offices, to schools & churches, warehouses and apartment complexes, we have handled it all, and have the ability to solve your rodent problems, no matter how large:

Service Visit & Inspection: First, we schedule an appointment, meet at your property, and you describe what problems you've experienced, where and when. We then investigate everything. Attention to detail is vital. We do a full inspection of the property, including every square inch of the affected structures or buildings, as well as the surrounding grounds.

Large Scale Rat Control: We take the necessary measures to control the rats. For most of the buildings, we employ the same methods that we use for private homes: trapping and removing all of the rats, and repairing and sealing all of the entry points that rats use to gain access to the building(s). In some cases, general rodent population control on the property is the most feasible course of action, particularly in cases in which repairs are not feasible due to architecture or cost concerns.

Decontamination: If you have rats in your building, then you've also got everything rats leave behind, including droppings, urine, body oils, hairs, and the diseases that go with it. Not only that, but rats, with their poor eyesight, use their scent as a means of establishing travel routes. The pheromone odor that they leave behind serves as a signal to new rats, telling them where to go. Once rats have established this scent, it will linger and attract rats for years to come. Check out our decontamination page for details.

For pest rat control in other cities, check out Animal Control Denver in Colorado and Philadelphia Animal Control in Pennsylvania.

I have friends that operate rat control businesses in other cities. These are my picks for the best rat control companies in the USA, updated as of 2013. Click for more info about my pick in your area:
AZ Phoenix Rat Rodent Control - 480-245-5003
CA LA Rat Control - 213-233-9495
CA Oakland - 925-478-4254
CA San Diego - 619-717-6873
CO Denver - 303-330-0908
DC Washington DC - 703-634-7503
FL Boca Raton - 561-826-6475
FL Fort Lauderdale - 954-703-5683
FL Jacksonville Rat Control - 904-677-5812
FL Miami Rat Removal - 786-594-1189
FL Tampa Rat Removal - 813-404-7033
GA Atlanta - 404-609-4280
IL Chicago Rat Removal - 773-295-1230 or 815-513-0590
MI Detroit - 313-355-1666
NY NYC Rat Removal - 347-650-2446, Westchester: 914-595-4833, Long Island: 631-479-3914
OR Portland - 503-406-1422
PA Philadelphia Rat Removal - 610-927-7792
TX Austin Rodent Control - 512-298-4791
TX Dallas Rat Control - 214-504-3587
TX Houston Rodent Control - 713-244-6679
WA Seattle - 206-829-4744
UK Essex & London Rat Control - 07707 888470

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