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Dead Rat Removal

Rats often die inside the homes and buildings where they live. Sometimes the death is a result of natural causes, and sometimes it's the result of homeowners or pest control companies using poison in situations in which trapping and exclusion should have been used as the control options. Whatever the cause, the result is always the same - a unbelievable stench! I know, I've smelled it many times. All dead animals smell, but rats have a smell in their own class. I always know a dead rat when I smell it - and you want to get it out of your home - NOW.
Orlando Rats is the undisputed expert at finding and removing dead rats. Our success rate at carcass location is second to none. I've been to several homes in which 2 or more other companies have failed to find the dead rat - and then I use my techniques and persistence to finally find it. No matter where I have to crawl or what I have to cut or pry open, I'll do it. I've found rats buried under insulation (see above), fallen down a wall (see below) in floor boards, in appliances, and almost anywhere. See my dead rat photo page for more photos, and proof that we're the best.
Prevention of rats is the best way to avoid having a dead rat in your home. Sometimes it's a dead rat that finally convinces the homeowner that they need the problem taken care of. The rat not only stinks for a long time, but it attracts flies and thus maggots, and thus an bunch of flies in your home a month later. I've seen plenty of cases in which people have moved out of their homes to friend's homes or hotels to escape dead rat smell - don't let it come to that, give us a call!
After we remove the dead rat, we spray the area with a special enzyme-based biohazard cleaner and decontaminant. This helps eliminate any pathogens or residual odor. We also inspect the home to find out how the animal got in, to find out if you have an existing rat problem, and we can treat that as well. We also perform Dead Animal Carcass Removal for other, larger animals as well.

Dead Rat Removal.............................................................................$159.00 - 269.00
If you call us with a stench in your home, the cause could be a dead rat (or other animal). $159.00 or higher service fee to find and remove the dead rat, and repair whatever needed disassembly to get to it. In some cases, the job is extremely difficult, because the rat has died in a very hard to find/reach space, but we will find it. We are the best, bar none. In less than 3% of cases, the source of the odor will not be removed, due to architectural conditions beyond our control. In this frustrating case, a standard $89.00 service fee will still apply.

How to find dead mice in house - No one likes the telltale smell of decay. A dead mouse may not seem like a big deal, but depending on where the mouse body lies will determine how potent the resulting smell is. Finding a dead mouse in your house has everything to do with animal behavior and little to do with the actual smell itself. You may be able to narrow the location of the mouse down by smell, but you will have to look at the mechanics of your home and the behavior of the mouse while it was alive to determine just where it is within the wall, ceiling or floor. Air currents play a big part in finding a carcass. Animals in the attic may not smell until early morning; bodies located in the basement near the heater may not smell until the furnace kicks on; any animal remains under the bathtub may produce a smell that manifests further down the wall where the materials are more permeable. If you are in doubt, instead of tearing the entire wall down, call in a professional to help with locating the body. Most companies will also have the proper cleanup tools and equipment. Dead animal remains must be thoroughly removed from the building. All surfaces must be cleaned a dried to prevent the smell from lingering. Animal remains also pose a potential health threat. If you choose to do cleanup on your own, safety gear is a must.

News Item: Dead Rats Stink Up Orlando Airport
Posted Mar 21, 08 6:00 PM - Orlando Sentinel

(Newser) – Dead rats are stinking up a portion of Orlando International Airport, and the smell has workers crying foul. Construction crews renovating gates earlier this month scared the rodents into the airport, the Orlando Sentinel reports; exterminators followed, and after rats died in walls and ceilings the stench sent workers and passengers home sick and shut down a customs checkpoint.

Customs officials say employees cannot work under such conditions and that the airport is not doing enough to resolve the ongoing issue. Airport officials removed the carcasses, sprayed pesticides and cleaned with harsh chemicals, to little avail. While a spokeswoman insists the rats pose no health threat, others warn that the insects and droppings associated with rats could be dangerous.

Technique to find dead rats in walls - Finding a dead rat in the wall will require the ability to piece together a puzzle of odor and rodent behavior. Under the assumption that a dead rat was sick prior to its final moments, you can being to track the rat based on common animal behavior during this phase of life. A dying animal wants to be warm and wants to feel secure. This may mean the rat will climb into its nest to die, but it may also mean that the rat will lodge itself into a dark, warm, narrow space. Animals that are ill also have an instinctual drive to find water. Believe it or not, the space underneath a bathtub is a very common location for rodent nests. You need to have a good sense of the air currents in your home to find an elusive, dead animal. Cold air settles and warm air rises. If you’ve noticed the smell is stronger in the heat of the day, chances are the dead animal is lower than waist level. Your nose will provide you will a fairly accurate, general location, but sometimes this may be deceiving. Homes with multiple floors may have odor issues on a middle level but the dead animal may be located above or below that floor.

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