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How to Kill Rats Permanently

Many people ask me - how do you kill rats? What is the best method of rat control? Well, it's important to know that killing the rats is only part of the solution. Yes, you've got to kill the rats that are inside the house or building, but be aware that there's a lot more rats outside. The rats inside may be somewhat territorial, and as soon as you kill them, new rats will simply enter the house. Or, the population outside may just be very high, and you'll get a ton of rats inside no matter how many you kill. Remember, rats breed very quickly. The important thing is to solve the entire rat problem completely, not just kill the rats. You can kill them and kill them and new ones will just keep coming. The real key to a permanent solution is in stopping them from getting into the building in the first place, by sealing off every last possible point of entry. For more information on this process, read the how to get rid of rats page. So once you've got the whole building sealed and you know that no more rats are going to get in, it's time to kill the remaining rats inside the house in order to complete the rat control project. I'll explore the possible methods here:  

POISON: I say it over and over again just in case anyone misses it. Poison is the worst way to approach rat control. It's more harmful than helpful. It will never kill all the rats, only percentage of them. New rats will just come to take the place of the old rats. It's a never-ending cycle, and the pest control companies like it this way, so that they can keep their monthly or quarterly contract while never actually solving the problem. And to make things worse, the rats that are killed by poison will die in the attic or walls, and the smell they cause as they rot is hideous. Read more about poisoning rats here, if you wish.

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GLUE TRAPS: Glue traps suck, in my opinion. They don't work very well. In my observation, the are really good at catching rat fur, rat footprints, and the occasional gnawed-off rat foot. Not any actual rats, though. Sometimes smaller rats. In which case the rat will slowly suffer as it dies. Then the trap is no good for use any more. In fact, there's a lot of types of traps out there, but none is as good as....

SNAP TRAPS: ....the best type of trap. It simply works the best. It's the most effective and efficient, and kills the rats instantly, and can fit in the nooks and crannies they inhabit, and be re-used, and everything about them is the best. There's really no reason to use anything else other than the old standard wooden snap trap. I guess the one drawback is safety - they can be a bit risky to use, if you're a novice. Some other traps might be safer. Read more about proper and effective rat trapping with snap traps.

TINY LASER GUNS: Tiny laser guns that have special motion tracking and heat seeking infrared capability, and which zap the rats with a bolt of high-intensity concentrated light exceeding 2000 degrees which vaporize the rats on impact may seem fun, but these lasers don't actually work very well because they are more of a science-fiction type device than a "reality" type device.

The only true cure for a rat problem is to prevent rats from entering your house in the first place, and THEN you can kill them, with complete trapping and removal. This job is not easy, and I recommend hiring a professional to do the job correctly. I have personally trained and interviewed several hundred companies throughout the USA. For my personal pick of the best rat control company in your city or town, click on my USA directory of rat experts, 140 companies serving 97% of the United States.

For rat control in the Orlando FL area, give me a call at 407-284-7081. You can also visit my friend's page Chicago Rat Control if you live in that area, or visit my other friend's Tampa Exterminator of Rats website for rat removal in the Tampa Bay area.

My wife just looked over my shoulder as I was editing this page, and she said, "How to kill rats permanently?" I suppose she does have a point. It's not as though a rat that you've killed is going to come back to life as a zombie rat. Any rat that you manage to make deceased will stay that way. But remember, if you don't seal shut their entry holes, new ones will keep coming and coming and chewing, and in that way, they kind of are like zombies.

How to kill the rats in home - Do not poison your rats. This is as much for your sake as it is for theirs. Poison is a very unpleasant way to die, bringing on death through internal hemorrhaging. Even if you are unconcerned with the suffering of your nuisance rodent, consider the fact that this creature will most likely die somewhere within your walls, creating a pervasive odor throughout your home until the decomposition process is at an end. Killing the rats in a home starts with examining the area the rodents are occupying. Rats will travel the same routes often. These established routes will be marked with body grease, chew marks, and waste matter. Once located, this type of path can be used as a location for setting your traps. Snap traps may seem antique but they are still the most effective means of humanely killing a nuisance rodent. Snap traps can be baited with peanut butter and left along the recently discovered rat routes. If set properly and left without interference, these traps have a high success rate. No trap will be effective, however, until the outside holes allowing entry into the home have been sealed. A sealed home will be less likely to suffer the consequences of a rat infestation.

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