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Guaranteed Rat Control, Removal, & Prevention in Orlando Florida

Caught in a trap in an attic
A nice Roof Rat close-up photo

Caught this one in a kitchen
Caught this one in a laundry room

The underside of a Roof Rat in a cage
Caught that mouse in the living room

Another fine rat in the setting sun
The water trap actually worked!

I'll be honest, I primarily use snap type traps. I find that 99% of people have no problem with this method of control, as they consider rat vermin. However, if you refuse to kill any rats, I can accommodate you. Just remember, snap traps kill instantly, whereas "humane" cage traps leave rats stuck in a confined space with no water for a while. Furthermore, snap traps are more practical and effective, as they can be set in higher numbers and in smaller crevices. I often use cage traps in areas with either finicky rats that avoid snap traps or inside people's homes where snapping is a risk.

Why do rats sometimes die in live trap? If youíre trapping rats with live traps you need to be prepared to relocate them. A live trap is just as much of a death sentence as a snap trap if it is not checked daily for activity. A rat in a live trap can die of starvation. Panic is another cause of mortality in trapped rodents. Some animals become so stressed that they literally stress to death, while others become frantic and break their own necks in wild attempts to get free. This type of behavior is uncommon among rats. If a rat has died in a live trap it was most likely because you forgot to relocate it in time. Live trapping is not for people who donít want to be involved in the trapping process. Live rats will need to be removed and then transported to an area where they can be released. If you are trapping rats but donít want to be bothered with the aftermath of relocation, you should be lethally trapping instead. Lethal traps can be just as humane as live traps and will often be more effective and facilitate a large number of rat captures.

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