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Rat Related Photos

I have taken many rat photos over the years. Click on any of the following categories to view photos.

LIVE TRAPPED RATS: This page contains photos of rats trapped in live cage traps. I do not often use this method of rat control, but some circumstances call for it, such as cases of trapping inside living spaces, or when people are opposed to snap traps.

LETHAL TRAPPED RATS: This page contains photos of rats trapped with traditional snap traps. It illustrates some of the environments and situations typical of rat trapping.

DEAD RAT REMOVAL: A big part of my job is dead animal removal. More often than not, the dead animal is a rat, killed due to poison or natural causes. Here are some photos of the tricky locations from which I have found and removed deceased rats.

RAT CONTAMINATION: Here are some photos of the contamination that rats leave behind when they inhabit an attic or home. I show you these photos so that you know what kind of a biohazard rats can cause in your attic, and why you should have your attic cleaned after the rat problem is taken care of.

RAT DAMAGE: These photos illustrate the type of damage that rats can inflict upon a home. Whether it is chewing on electrical wires, or gnawing on various areas to gain access to the building, rats can cause quite a bit of damage to your home.

ENTRY POINT REPAIRS: When rats are entering your home, either due to damage they have created or merely architectural flaws, repairs should be made to permanently keep them out.
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