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Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work on rats?

A good number of electronic rodent repellents as well as ultrasound pest control devices are present in the main market and are known for emitting a series of high in frequency, shorter wavelengths, which are considered as very much affective for driving away the rats. Generally these devices are marketed as environmentally safe options for controlling rodents because home owners are not supposed to deal with the dead bodies of rats. However, all that glitters is not gold and things are not as simpler as they appear to be because the important point to mention here is that effectiveness of the ultrasound as repellents is considered of controversial nature so one has to be very much careful here.

The general concept is that ultrasonic pest repellent related devices utilize powerful sound waves which act as a source of discomfort and pain for the animal. The frequency which is very high and can be modulated is capable of inducing stress in rats and in this manner the animal is encouraged to leave the area from where the sound waves are coming because it gives them peace. The claim, which is made by manufacturers of these devices, is that once the rats are driven away they will not come back.

Government authorities and other relevant organizations are normally very much dubious as far as the effectiveness of these devices is concerned. You can never get the guarantee that these will always work and show positive results. In a number of situations these devices have failed in producing results and you are only left with money and time wasted. It has been noticed that other alternatives such as traps and chemical pesticides are considered as more useful so generally home owners give preference to them. Another prominent drawback associated with these kinds of devices is that animals can get used to the ultrasound waves in a shorter time period and after this they don’t get bothered by the sound waves and your high pitch sound machine turn into a useless toy. Chances are also very high that even if the animals are driven away by the machine they will again return in the end so you will defiantly not enjoy any sort of long term benefits with them. Experts share the opinion that use of these kinds of products should be avoided as they don’t provide any sort of results and only money is wasted.

You should better not get trapped in the false claims of salesmen who present these as wonderful devices with long term results. It is best that traditional and effective remedies should be used because they will solve your rat related problems permanently for good. Keep this point always in mind.

Ways to chase rats away from you home - If rats are inside of your home, you are faced with a few choices, though none of them revolve around chasing the rats away. There is no form of harassment that will make a rat flee from an established territory. Rats are bold and intelligent, and it will take more than a cat, dog or human harasser to get them to leave. If you annoy rats too much they will just become more reclusive and inventive in how they get around. If you’re wondering how to chase rats away you may be wondering how to avoid killing the animals. Whatever you do, the first step is to close up your home, and this step will completely eliminate the possibility of chasing a rat away. Your home needs to be repaired so more rats do not enter while you try to remove the rats already there. If killing the rodents does not appeal to you, you can attempt to trap them in cage traps or into corral traps. The dilemma with this type of trapping is that you must be prepared to relocate the rats as soon as possible with as little human-rat exposure as possible. Relocating a rat is not always in the animal’s best interest, either. Rats will succumb to predators quickly if taken away from their territories.

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