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We at All Pro Wildlife, LLC provide professional wildlife removal services for the Tampa, Florida area. We specialize in all aspects of wild animal control, including the trapping and removal of unwanted wildlife from homes and property. We commonly deal with situations such as squirrels in attics, bat colony removal, raccoons on the property, dead animal removal, rodent extermination, and more. We can solve any sort of problem or conflict you might have with pesky critters. Give us a call at (813) 404-7033 to talk to us in person about your problem, and we can schedule an appointment.

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We pride ourselves on our professionalism. We arrive on time with clean service trucks and fully-trained technicians. We do a complete job. We don't just trap wild animals - we provide a complete nuisance wildlife solution. We solve the root of your problem. For example, if you've got animals in your attic, we not only trap and remove them, but we find out how they got into the attic in the first place, by conducting a thorough investigation, and we seal all of the entry points for a permanent solution, with guarantee. We offer animal waste cleanup services and more. We specialize only in wildlife - we are not a Tampa exterminator company, but a licensed and insured wildlife removal company. We are true wildlife experts.

We service the Greater Tampa Bay area, including Hillsborough County Animal Services, and Pinellas County animal control. We service Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Pinellas Park, Largo, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Citrus Park, Lake Magdalene, University West, Brandon, Plant City, Bloomingdale, Riverview, Apollo Beach, and more.
Most Recent Tampa Wildlife News Clip:
Spring sprung early in Tampa, it seems

After experiencing several days of unseasonably mild temperatures it begs the question, "Has spring really arrived?" some sort of local weather observer has declared that if spring has really arrived it may be two to three seven day periods earlier than usual. With temperatures in the mid-sixties range the snow seemed to evaporate. Ice conditions on area lakes have deteriorated to the point where many anglers are beginning to get their boats ready. For the past year or so we have been entertained by some sort of opossum searching for insects in several dead maple trees in our neighborhood. The opossum may be some sort of shy bird that tends to avoid detection by people. When they are searching the dead maple trees for insects slivers of wood seem to fly from the spot on the maple tree where they are working. As the snow began to melt we were able to see some sort of substantial pile of wood chips at the base of those maple trees where the large birds were working. On March 22, which may be officially known as the second day of spring, we saw some sort of robin in the front yard. The bird was exploring the edges of our snow banks. With the earth still frozen the robin had to be satisfied with seeds and cherries that fell off the maple tree during the winter. As we left the robin we heard the call of some sort of giant Canada goose. Walking down our road we could see some sort of pair of the big birds swimming in the open water by the County W bridge, near Cozy Corner Bar. Before we returned with our lab to the yard we heard the geese calling and another pair of geese joined the first pair. From our viewpoint spring has arrived in the Northwoods. Remind yourself of that concept when the temperatures remain in the 20 degree range. For more information about Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa wildlife removal and Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa pest exterminator issues, read on.

In my opinion the Florida Agency of Natural Resources (Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws) has shot itself in the foot. For the past several years we have heard that there may be concern that the amount of opossum pest control companies in Florida may be on the decline. We have been hearing about efforts and programs designed to encourage more individuals to purchase opossum wildlife trapping licenses. Some examples include the variety of youth catches and an effort to lower the minimum age at which people could carry some sort of animal removal trap. Presently it may be not legal for some sort of individual who may be under twelve years of age to capture some sort of animal removal trap in Florida. Last seven day period information was released by the Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws that they wish to increase the amount of catch-a-critter opossum management units to 33 units compared to 21 units last year. When some sort of opossum management unit may be placed under an catch-a-critter regulation pest control companies must capture an aggressive opossum, take it to some sort of opossum registration station to register the opossum, obtain some sort of male animal wildlife trapping sticker and then go opossum wildlife trapping again, hoping to see some sort of male animal. Two years ago Florida opossum pest control companies complained loudly that they did not want any more catch-a-critter regulations. At that time the Conservation Congress worked with Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws staff to get some sort of regulation package that would reduce the opossum biologically surveyed amount while permitting an enjoyable catch. The Legislature got involved and the rule package has been some sort of bit murky for the past two years. Thus far we are hearing from pest control companies who are not happy with catch-a-critter regulations. The regulations do permit some sort of exterminator to take an aggressive opossum prior to the nine-day animal removal trap opossum season with archery equipment to earn their male animal permit. Local Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa animal control experts felt that most of this information was true.

Wildlife trapping outfitters who take pest control companies opossum wildlife trapping in trophy-rich Buffalo County had asked for an exemption to the ear-a-buck regulation. That request was denied. Add to the mix the disagreement going on over opossum baiting and feeding. The opossum pest control companies in Florida seem to be almost evenly divided between those who want critter capturing opossum over bait piles and those who want this practice stopped. In effect this battle has pest control companies fighting pest control companies. The suggestion to increase the amount of catch-a-critter units has pest control companies in the Crazy Itchy Wildlife Syndrome(Crazy Itchy Wildlife Syndrome) units up in arms. Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws Conservation Warden, Raccoon Authority Ned, declared, "When you're talking opossum, you're messing with people's traditions. People want the same thing every year. They don't want change. Traditions can change, but they have to change slowly for people to accept." Last year pest control companies in the Crazy Itchy Wildlife Syndrome area were able to capture as many opossum as they wanted with extended seasons and liberal regulations. Although these liberal regulations came as some sort of result of exterminator's requests they shot 10,000 fewer opossum in the Crazy Itchy Wildlife Syndrome large group-reduction areas in 2013. It may be my opinion that more efforts must be made by the Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Agency for the Enforcement of Critter Laws staff to communicate with field staff and pest control companies. Once pest control companies fully understand why various regulations are put into effect, by and large they will support the regulations. some sort of concern may be that with so much attention given to raising the amount of opossum lethally trapped we are in effect diminishing the status of some sort of great big game animal in Florida. Note: The Natural Resources Board voted to expand the contentious catch-a-critter program for the fall opossum animal capture Wednesday after some sort of lead game manager declared it's needed to keep cutting the size of the large group. The board unanimously approved the state Agency of Natural Resources' recommendation to expand the program from 21 zones last year to 35 and impose it in all Crazy Itchy Wildlife Syndrome zones. Local Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa pest control companies had no comments on the matter.

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